The Wholesale Formula Review

The fastest and easiest way to start an Amazon business in 2023 and beyond

Amazon is arguably the single greatest opportunity today for ordinary people to make a living online. Check out the statistics -


One in every five Amazon merchants sell more than $1 million a year! Isn’t that mind boggling? And this number continues to grow every year.

But before considering the Amazon opportunity, let’s take a step back and see why you should consider this above all the other opportunities out there.

How Easy Is It To Make Money Online?

Unless you’re already rich, chances are since the Covid-19 hit, the pressure to make money has increased for you. Even if by some small miracle your finances are as good as they were pre-pandemic, hopefully it’s heightened the importance of the priority that you need more than just enough money to get by. You need a lot more money, and so what are you doing? You’re looking to take matters in your own hands. Smart. But risky.

Many things you can invest in online to earn part time or full time profits come with great reward but greater risk. They usually require large upfront investments — cash investments, time investments, emotional investment and who knows if they’re going to pay out.

So if you could have your cake and eat it too when it comes to making money online, what should you be looking for? This.

ONE — Risk

Forget diving headfirst into a pool where you don’t know the depth of the water. Do that and you might drown or break your neck. Better is to dip the tow in the water approach — check the temperature, make sure it’s safe and if you like it, maybe go up to the ankle next, then the knee. While it’s true that if you do what you’ve always done you’re going to get what you always got, taking unnecessary risks is pointless. The question is, is there a way where you can risk practically nothing, and still make life changing income — and make it quickly? I believe there is.

TWO — Product

No one makes money until someone buys something. You need a product. Scratch first. You need products. Many products, products that are in demand, that are high quality and highly profitable. Most of you do not have products yet and even if you do, they won’t be good enough to create life changing income. Just like everything has changed in the last year, so too does the product to profit approach. I’m going to show you exactly how you can sell all kinds of products that are the finest of quality, products that are sitting on a goldmine, blissfully unaware of their full potential. You’ll help them reach that potential, and you’ll be rewarded handsomely for it.

THREE — Traffic

Traffic is an industry term that means you need to put potential buyers in front of the products you sell. Having experienced every kind of biz op opportunity under the sun, I can tell you that driving traffic is probably the hardest thing to do when it comes to making money online. It’s expensive, it’s time consuming, it’s technical, established businesses can outspend you and outsmart you, so how are you supposed to compete? Answer — you don’t. I’ll show you how to make serious money with a zero dollar ad budget and without having to drive traffic, walk traffic, guide traffic or even think about the word ‘traffic’ ever again.

FOUR — Conversion

Where traffic meets product. Did you know that it’s quite impressive if you can get 1 out of 50 people who see a product to end up purchasing? Sometimes I think we forget how incredibly hard it is to convince a complete stranger to buy something from you — sight unseen, just because they happened to stumble across you on the internet. Expert marketers have spent over a decade mastering the science of consumer psychology, and they can tell you, the more they learn, the less they feel theyknow. You need to know what to say to customers and more important what not to say to them to get them to spend money with you instead of someone else. And for that to happen you need...

FIVE — Trust

If I ask you to think of a soda, chances are you thought of Coke. If I said think of hamburger, chances are you thought McDonalds. And I say e-commerce, or online store, or online shopping, my guess is one word immediately popped up in your mind -


As an online marketplace, Amazon is bigger than the next 21 online marketplaces combined, It makes eBay, Walmart and Etsy and others look like quaint mom and pop shops online. But what most don’t realize is that Amazon is not just the biggest online store, it is also the biggest store on earth.

People trust Amazon enough to put their credit card on file so they can one click purchase products in seconds, and get them delivered to their doors with 2 days or less free shipping. If you’re trying to make money online and you are not using Amazon, you’re swimming against the current. No, that’s putting it too nicely - if you’re trying to make money online and you are not using Amazon, you’re bringing a wet spaghetti noodle to a nuclear war.

How Big is Amazon Really?

Consider this. For every dollar spent on retail, 45 cents flows through Amazon! So Amazon on its own is equal to every other retailer. It is in itself so big you can’t visualize how big it is.

In terms of prime membership members, there’s something like 200 million individuals who can buy products on Amazon and get free shipping.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Amazon to grow to even higher heights — ten years of growth to be precise.

Amazon produces more online millionaires than any other online business opportunity but that doesn’t mean you can just follow any old approach to Amazon and meet with success. There are only a few tried and true approaches that work risk free, that can be started part time and with next to nothing capital and see quick results that scale up to millions of dollars in short order.

So what is the secret of these successful sellers? See, most people who attempt to use Amazon don’t even get a product live on Amazon, so it is not as straightforward as it seems.

For starters, you need to pick the right product, one that actually sells. You need to calculate all the fees to make sure you can still turn a profit when all is said and done. You also need to know how to compete with many high rated products already on Amazon.

Sounds complicated?

The good news is, it’s not rocket science! There is a specific formula that they follow, and if they can do it, so can you.

This is what The Wholesale Formula is all about — just follow the process and expect the profits to follow.

The Wholesale Formula Explained

To describe this model in very simple terms, it is actually quite simple, and consists of 3 simple steps — three S’s — Scouting, Sourcing, Selling.

In a nutshell, it’s about scouting successful BRANDED products on Amazon, then sourcing the product by contacting the brand owner (manufacturer) to set up a wholesale account to buy direct in bulk to get best possible price. Finally, sell on Amazon at a profit.

Sounds simple? Yes. Note that we are not introducing new products, or even creating new listings. Just find products that are already selling thousands of times, get permission to sell ourselves from brand owner.

This is reverse sourcing wholesale, because it is the opposite of the industry standard practice which is to find the middleman first (normally the wholesaler), then go through their inventory to find a product that is profitable, which is normally slim to none.

What we are doing here is to cut out the middleman to get the best lowest pricing at deep discounts so few people can compete. This lets us dominate the competition.

Unlike the traditional approach of going to the middle man, we go direct to the brand owner

All we have to do is buy from the brand owner over and over. You can also form relationships with multiple brand owners and in this way you can keep growing your portfolio of brands.

Sometimes you can even sign Amazon exclusivity deals with several companies meaning we become the only authorized seller and get 100% of the sales!

These are benefits that you don’t get if you work with middlemen. This is the crucial piece of the puzzle — connect directly to brand owner in order to buy from them at direct prices which you can then sell for high profit margins on Amazon.

As mentioned previously, this is the same model Amazon itself uses, along with big companies like Walmart and Costco that all sell products direct from the brand owners themselves.

True, it is not always easy to get approval from brand owners. But this difficulty is actually a good thing because a higher barrier to entry means there’s less sellers for the product, which means less competition.

So again in a nutshell the 3-step model is 1) Scouting 2) Sourcing 3) Selling

Let’s go deeper into each step.


What kinds of products to sell? How to determine with absolute certainty if a product is profitable?

The formula will tell you by using the monthly estimate of product sales based on product’s rank in its category to tell you how much profit to expect per month.

With this formula, you won’t need hope, you will have a proven formula to put you at an advantage right from the start.

Remember it only takes a few good products to bring in profit that can change your life!

So here’s the 4 numbers you need to determine the profitability of any product.

The first number is the sale price of the product. For instance, for this Kosher Beef gelatin, the number is 21.99

The second number 2310 is the number of monthly sales of the item. To work this out, you need to get the product’s amazon rank, in this case 2135, then use a tool like Jungle Scout to work out the sales estimate, which works out to be 2310 in this case.

The third number is 0.15, and this is always constant. 0.15 is the conservative profit margin (15%) when you are starting out selling the product. Why 15%? This is worst case scenario after accounting for every type of fee or cost you may encounter. What’s cool is that your margins will often be better than 15%! But we will use 15% as a good baseline.

The last number 8 is the total number of sellers of this product (including us).

Use a free tool like the Chrome plugin to work out the number of sellers for a product

So what we end up with in this instance, is a grand total of $952.41 profit for this particular product at the very least.

Question, are you seeing the power of this certainty? We know beforehand whether a product will be profitable or not. It completely eliminates any guesswork.

All we have to do next is to source it.


It is a simple matter to find the brand owner — just Google them. Here’s the thing though, you need to be prepared. They will need to be convinced to make you an authorized seller. They look for certain qualities. They filter people, and many do not get through this filter.

There’s 2 primary characteristics that they look for in a potential seller — 1) sellers who are professional/trustworthy and 2) sellers who add value.

To address point 1), first and foremost you must have a professional business website that represents your company in the best possible light.

In case you are at a loss about how to approach brand owners, make it simple. Sometimes the straightforward approach can work wonders.

The cool thing is that Dan and Dylan have dealt with so many brand owners, they’ve pretty much seen it all and so inside the Wholesale Formula course, they’ve compiled all kinds of possible questions and responses you can use depending on what the brand owner says so you are fully prepared when communicating with brand owners.

It is true that of all the steps in the formula, this is probably the most challenging step, but just keep it simple. The reality is that you only need a few brand owners to say yes, and the reward will be worth it. Once you get the wholesale account, then you will have a license to print money…literally!


The next step is to sell. Here’s the best part of it all — the processing, packing, shipping, customer service, are all taken care of by Amazon!

It’s all hands-off from here.

You just need to order more from the brand owner if you run low on stock.

So what do you do then?

Well, you can add more brands to your portfolio if you want to expand if you wish. Simply repeat steps 1) and 2) — scouting and sourcing. Regarding point 2), add value by improving their Amazon listing, run PPC ads etc. and countless ways. The number one question to ask yourself is, how do you increase sales, exposure or perception of the product?

Yet there’s a group of people who have collectively done over a billion dollars on Amazon!

My Take on The Wholesale Formula

To put everything into context, consider where we are right now. The reality is that our COVID-19 world looks very different now than it did before. The idea of building a business that can generate passive income has always felt more like a ‘nice to have’ path to financial freedom, to escape the 9–5 grind, but now it has become almost a necessity. With the number of people losing jobs day by day, and more and more turning online, the challenges we all face are greater than ever before.

But every challenge has an opportunity inside it. And this crisis is no different.

If there was ever a time to build your online business, it is now.

The Wholesale Formula business model is one of the best ways to generate true passive income today.

Is it the absolute best way to start an online business? Well it’s not the only one. There’s certainly other models that can work, however this is one that does offer as close to true passive income as possible if you do it right.

We’ve already seen that there’s undeniable proof that this method works — 960 regular people have generated a combined total of US $1.057 Billion using The Wholesale Formula.

One of the reasons for their success is that the method eliminates one of the major obstacles in online marketing, namely traffic generation.

For me, and I know this is also true for many others, traffic is one of the obstacles that we face in online marketing.

Traffic is no longer an issue

There are many benefits to this model, but the one that I love most is that you don’t ever need to worry about traffic.

If you’ve been in the online game long enough, you’ll know that traffic is the lifeblood for any online business. It is also the factor that presents a problem for people starting any online business. It is the one piece of the puzzle that is always holding people back.

Facebook advertising is very hard to navigate even if you have a big budget. Similarly for Google, it is complicated. And if you are thinking about free traffic like SEO, blogging, well they take a lot of time.

Well, with the reverse sourcing amazon model, this is not an issue anymore. Once you set it up, it will run by itself, traffic will come, you just sit back and see the sales roll in.

The reason for this?

Amazon is a traffic goldmine. It is one of the reasons why regular people can build million-dollar businesses. This dream isn’t just for high elite people now, because the world has truly changed (for better and for worse if you think about it) and everyday people can compete like never before in history.

The current crisis has accelerated Amazon’s growth even more.

In other words, Amazon has created the single biggest opportunity our generation has ever seen.

And what’s cool, is that when you sell on Amazon, so you don’t have to spend time and effort to build our own trust. Just piggyback off the most trusted brand in the world!

And The Wholesale Formula is the best way for you to take advantage of this opportunity and jump onto the Amazon bandwagon.

Jason Fladlien’s Bonuses

If you are still on the fence, Jason Fladlien’s bonuses will make it a no-brainer.

Over the years Jason and his company Rapid Crush that he co-founded with Wilson Mattos, have helped thousands of people transform their financial situations, to enjoy true financial freedom and peace of mind by selling products like cheese graters and swaddle blankets on Amazon. Along the way, they’ve developed the tools and resources to help Amazon sellers sell in the most effective way possible. Jason believes that The Wholesale Formula approach is the single best way to start an online business today.

Jason Fladlien, co-founder of Rapid Crush is a multimillionaire and Amazon expert

Jason’s philosophy is this, how can he make the Wholesale Formula even better than it already is, by giving you bonuses just by signing up through his company Rapid Crush. These bonuses will give you an unfair advantage for sure, I have highlighted just a few of them below:

Manage By Stats Retriever Tool

This nifty little tool lets you find profitable products in 2 clicks, making the scouting process a breeze. Remember the manual way of evaluating a product’s profit potential by plugging in price, units, margin and number of resellers? Well this tool does it all for you in less than 1 minute.

Sit back, let it do its thing, and it will generate a report with products to avoid, and products that meet the criteria. A huge time saver for sure.

Done For You Wholesaler Website

The easiest way to close brand deals is to have a killer looking, professional website. But building a website right will usually cost at least $1,000 to outsource because this website needs to look polished and say the right things. So Jason Fladlien’s Rapid Crush team will just DO IT FOR YOU.

Not only will your website look great, it will say the right things you need to say to get brands to do deals with you. Use this and hit the ground running.

Brand Bait

This is a simple fill in the blank template that you can use to effortlessly create a custom report for any brand whose products you want to sell on Amazon.

When you show them this report, they will thank the heavens that someone like you has finally come into their life, because it will be obvious and undeniable to the brand owner how much value you bring to the table and turn a standoffish brand into one who can’t wait to get you selling their product on Amazon.

The Crème de la Crème

This is the best bonus ever offered for The Wholesale Formula. This bonus is so good, in fact, that you’ll have to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to watch it, and you’ll only be able to watch it over a 7-day period of time before it self-destructs.

It’s a miracle you get to see this at all!

Here’s the deal. The real big (8 figure) successes using The Wholesale Formula all have one thing in common — they have that “whale” account, meaning one account they land makes them millions of dollars just on its own.

Dylan and Dan — creators of The Wholesale Formula — have landed several of these accounts. One of their top accounts, for example, has brought in over $5,000,000 in profit... just by itself.

Dylan and Dan will show you exactly which brand this is

Want to know what brand this is? This bonus will show it to you. Even better, though — want to know HOW they landed this account? You got it. Even better than THAT though! You’ll get to see a full transcript of the actual call that took place to land them this 5 million dollar (in profit) deal.

Best of all: Dylan will personally walk you through the transcript of that call on a live Zoom session. Why he said what he said, the details of the deal, what was at stake, you name it — it will all be laid bare for you.

You’ve never seen something like this before.

Only a very few select people in the whole world have ever been shown this information before, and they had to pay $12,000 to be in a physical room, behind locked doors, with Dylan Frost in order to see it. For the first and most likely the only time ever, you get this for FREE when you sign up from this page.

There is a catch!

You must sign an NDA to be able to watch the training where Dylan breaks it all down.

In order to maintain secrecy, the recording will not be shared, but you can watch it up to 9 times during the bonus period, so remember to take notes

In order to maintain secrecy, the recording cannot be shared with you. It was one of Dylan’s strict conditions. However, they agreed to let it be “rebroadcast” up to 9 times during the 7-day period following the live call.

The reason for all this secrecy is because of how valuable and precious such a bonus is. So be prepared to watch it multiple times, and take lots of notes. This is truly a unique opportunity — because no one else outside a few people who paid $12,000 have seen or heard what you’re about to discover when it comes to landing “whale” wholesale accounts.

Retail Value of this amazing bonus is $12,000.

In addition to these bonuses, Jason is offering many other bonuses for a combined value of $29,458. See the full list of bonuses here.

Investment Beyond The Wholesale Formula

Here’s an important question. Beyond the investment in the course, how much more do you need to spend?

In the interest of full transparency, flat out, I will say to set aside $2000 for your initial product order from the brand owner.

You also need $39.99 a month for an Amazon seller central account.

And that’s it.

No need to spend any more money to launch because it’s already launched, no need to spend money and time to get reviews because reviews are already there. No need to invest in packaging, design, logo, brand identity etc because all of that’s already taken care of in the product. Remember you are not building something new, you are just reselling something existing, making this significantly easier and faster to get traction than starting from scratch.

What about time investment? Is this a business that need you to pull all nighters to make it work?

The good news is this — the common trait of the success stories from other Wholesale Formula members is that they already have a full time job, but still managed to make this work for them. Again, you don’t need to spend any time driving traffic, or improving the conversion rate, or collecting initial reviews for the product, because all these things have already been taken care of by the existing product listing.

So it’s not so much a time issue, but a commitment to consistently do something upfront, as little as 15 minutes a day. Maybe you do a couple hours here and there, that’s fine! Push a boulder up the hill, just get it up there, and the rest is smooth sailing.

What About Private Labeling?

Any review about selling on Amazon wouldn’t be complete without addressing the other popular Amazon model namely private labeling. Don’t get me wrong, private labeling as a model still works, but it is not as easy as it used to be.

All things evolve.

Amazon has evolved. It made a lot of sense to do private label a few years ago. A lot of the big brands were not on Amazon in any way shape or form.

However, Amazon has made a series of policy changes over the years that have made private labeling less effective but at the same time made wholesaling more effective.

Why? A lot of it has to do with the ridiculous number of fake reviews on brand new private label product listings. Amazon doesn’t like these private label sellers gaming their system. So Amazon changed their policy, to discourage this, and so whether or not you were legitimately getting reviews or not, you were in the crossfire. This means if you are a brand new private label seller yourself, then you will find it hard to get reviews to compete.

Quad Win

Ultimately here’s what it boils down to. What is it that Amazon really wants? Amazon wants big known brands with proven products that customers love to buy. Amazon wants more sellers selling these products so they do not run out of inventory.

So if you are one of these resellers, then you are in complete alignment with Amazon’s vision. You are in the right place. It’s a win win win win for all involved — win for Amazon, win for brand owner, win for customer, win for you, the Amazon reseller.

Everybody wins — Customer, Amazon, brand, YOU

This is the so-called ‘Quad Win’ effect coined by Jason Fladlien and is the best part about this model because you are helping Amazon to win, you are helping the customer, you are helping the brand owner, and in return you get rewarded for it.

This is why the wholesale model is where it’s at as it completely aligns with what Amazon wants. Instead of creating a brand new product listing hoping to compete, just piggyback on existing brand listings that are already selling.

Bottom Line

In the beginning of this article, I said that Amazon represents the single greatest opportunity to build an online business today. The Wholesale Formula is the best way for you to take your slice of the pie.

As Jason Fladlien puts it, The Wholesale Formula represents the single greatest risk-free way to start an online business.

There is no risk because The Wholesale Formula comes with a 30 day money back guarantee when you take the full payment plan. So if you can’t decide right now, then you don’t need to. You can join and check out The Wholesale Formula to your heart’s content for 30 days and decide later. This way, you can make sure this is exactly what you’re looking for and make an informed decision.

So sign up now!

Marcus Lim
Founder of Silver Bullet Publishing LLC, main blog writer.