Vertical Video Profits Review

How to properly utilize TikTok for generating leads and sales

We all need leads for our business.

This is a 60 seconds to $47k sales weapon.

How do you feel when you hear 'Tik Tok'?

Silly? Yucky? Kids app?

Well, suspend your disbelief. Everything you just thought is's exactly what I thought too. But I will crush those beliefs with what I am going to show you.

Belief #1 - TikTok is a kids app

A bunch of kids dancing? True? Consider the following examples.

couponwithkayla - health and beauty products, household items, not a kid's niche!

thatmortgageguy - are kids into downpayments, credit score?

lawyerkelly - seriously not what kids are into,

These accounts have nothing to do with dancing.



grandma_droniak - you don't need to be a kid to make content

So squash the idea that TikTok is only a kids' app!

Belief #2 - No one makes money on TikTok

bellemere_by_mal - look at how many sales she has on her ETSY store

hellokristen - 320k followers. She's an amazon affiliate.

paul.mccomas - he teaches real estate investing. $6k a pop. see the happy testimonials.

The money is there!

Or take Seth Anderson. Used to be a FEDEx driver. Since then, went full time online. Living the laptop lifestyle.

His tiktok account is sidehustleseth. most of his incredible results came even before he had the current number of followers now.

Do the videos look pro? Or more like in his bedroom or kitchen? 2.3M views!

2 High ticket commissions of $1000 each from 1 video.

$15k from TWF promo on TikTok

Belief #3 - Can't make real money

Kibo Code Quantum promo - Seth came #7 on pre-reg leads leaderboard, going head to head with other top dog affiliates.

He ended up with $45k commissions! from one TikTok promotion!

Here's how he did it.

Watch this video that he did.

No expensive camera, no fancy lighting. Just his phone in his bedroom!

Let's break down the 60-second video.

mini webinar in 50 seconds.

  1. The Movement
  2. The Hook
  3. The Proof
  4. The Secret
  5. Crushing Objections
  6. Irresistible Offer
  7. Scarcity
  8. Risk Reversal

Belief #4 - This Can't Be Replicated

Wrong again - Seth's brother did it.

wickedsimple - 5 sales in first 5 days! $1100


only need phone to start, no special equipment required

Here's your chance to learn from Seth himself, in his 7-week program Vertical Video Profits.

Seth will show you the exact steps he's using to make 6 figures on TikTok, and how you can duplicate what he's already done.

Introducing Vertical Video Profits

Week One - Define Your Audience

TikTok's algorithm is a master at pairing content to the right audience, so make sure you know exactly who your audience is before you post your first video

Week Two - Your Niche vs. Your Audience

This is more than what you talk about. This is the lens you see the world through. Define who you are talking to and establish exactly why they would want to follow you.

Week Three - Getting On Camera

This is the 'Goliath' sized obstacle that we are going to slay like David did.

Week Four - The Setup

Profiles, lighting, sound, setup and all the other things that make a difference but no one is talking about!

Week Five - Scripting the Madness

The surefire way to create content without constantly banging your head against the wall hoping ideas fall out

Week Six - From Beginner to Pro

The little things that will make you stand out as the authority in your niche and will keep your audience returning for more

Week Seven - The Big Win

The viral video that brings in leads and sales and why it is crucial to wait before we make this video

Bonus #1 - Surefire Hook Cheat Sheet

Capturing the attention of viewers is absolutely essential to trip the TikTok algorithm. These are the ultimate hooks guaranteed to stop the scroll!

Bonus #2 - The What to Shoot Week

Even the best content creators get tired of coming up with content. Implement this entire week of scripts any time you are feeling like dialing it in!

Bonus #3 - Duet Your Way to Virality

TikTok's favorite video style and the easiest video to create. Ethically use someone else's content to build your authority with half the effort!

Bonus #4 - Going Live!

The fear of live video is probably only second to being on stage. Use these secret steps to crush your TikTok Live and connect with your audience in a way 99% of creators never will!

No one else is teaching how to monetize TikTok in this manner.

Marcus Lim
Founder of Silver Bullet Publishing LLC, main blog writer.