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The Plan Review

Dan Hollings reveals his plan for financial liberation with crypto

Sep 2021 update 1: I now offer an exclusive bonus for anyone signing up to The Plan through my link. All the details here

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Question: Is crypto too chaotic?

The short answer is yes.

Just one single tweet from Elon Musk and the markets come crashing.

So no doubt about it, crypto is volatile and chaotic.

Which is why most people - even those who are right now bragging about their massive gains are ultimately going to lose money.

You see, most people, in the long term, just can’t win against their own psychology. Be it fear of missing out (FOMO), greed, or something happening in your life (which is very likely over a longer period of time), you’re going to either cash out at the wrong time or jump in at the wrong time.

On the other hand, chaos breeds opportunity.

A disclaimer...

Before we proceed, I want to tell you something. Not because I have to...but also because I have a responsibility to you.

None of this is financial or investment advice.

It is up to you to do your own due diligence and consult with a certified financial advisor or planner.

However, let me tell you this...if you can handle the chaos...and channel it the right way...the opportunity in front of us is huge - bigger than anything we've encountered so far online.

So, how do you deal with the chaos?

You need a plan. So let me introduce you to the man behind the plan, Dan Hollings.

Meet Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings has been in the business of teaching people how to make money online for over a decade.

Dan Hollings is an expert trader, marketer, strategist and more

Many people think Dan is one of the top marketers on the planet. Some people point to the $300 million dollar mega-hit movie/book "The Secret" that Dan along with a little help from Oprah helped launch some years ago.

Literally hundreds of thousands have learned marketing from Dan and over 20,000 Amazon sellers have attended his coaching programs.

How did Dan become so skilled at marketing, copywriting, making videos, photoshop, programming, design, music, and so much more?

In his own words,

"I was too cheap to hire help, so I taught myself!"

All kidding aside, Dan really is self taught. He loves to figure things out, make money, then teach others.

He has spent the last couple of years digging deep to crack the crypto code, so that he could not only make a boatload of money for himself, but simplify the process so that he could teach others to replicate his approach and make money too.

It had to be step-by-step, easy, and safe for sure. It needed to require minimal skills (most people are not skilled at trading) and it needed to be at least 80% automated (most people have other things to do).

What he's come up with is a plan - indeed, the plan for financial liberation that is largely unknown to the masses.

The results from early adopters of his plan have been astonishing and life changing, to say the least.

Which brings me to myself, as I was fortunate to be one of these early adopters.

But first, to set a bit of context, here is a timeline of The Plan - where it is at now and all the steps that have led to this point.

The Plan - My Experience

As you can see from the timeline above, my participation in The Plan was back in May of 2021. At the time, Dan was only taking on a very limited number of people for his beta group.

The 1st beta group, I am on top row, second from left

(If you're wondering how much I paid to get into this beta group, it's A LOT. But, it was worth it, as you'll see.)

I got lots of aha moments during my 1-1 call with Dan, it's like being handed the keys to the kingdom, I remember thinking, "Dan is truly THE MAN with THE PLAN."

My 1-1 call with Dan Hollings went for nearly 2 hours

During the call, Dan gave an overview of the approach, and at the end he helped me set the system up in 'demo' mode, to get a feel for how it works and to let it run on 'dummy' money for a few days before turning it on for real.

It's actually fun, because in demo mode, we get a million bucks to play with :)

In any case, the plan got to work in demo mode, and in just 3 days, it was pumping out profits of close to 10% return!

Demo results

Time to do it for real, I was itching to get started with REAL money. So I hopped on a follow-up call with Dan, and we set it all up for real.

Dan kept emphasizing the importance of just letting the plan do its thing. And that's exactly what I did. I just let it run.

Here's the results after 24 hours...

Results after 24 hours

Results after 1 week - 10% return in 1 week!

Results after 7 days

Results after 2 weeks - 16% return

Results after 14 days

Results after 3 weeks - 20% return

Results after 21 days

What I like about this 'evergreen money machine' is that it makes money minute by minute...

Now you’re thinking… wait a minute, did you say "minute-by-minute?" Does this mean I'm stuck in front of a computer monitor 24 hours a day!? NO!

Dan has automated 90% of "The Plan" so we can enjoy life and spend the money we're making. Isn't THAT what we're all looking for?

It goes back to what Dan said about the thing being more or less set and go.

"But here’s the cool part. You could watch this all play out minute by minute as the automation does all the work -or- you can go live life, do other things and just check-in from time to time."

It's TRUE passive income, not the fake kind where you work 10 hours a day banging your head against the wall.

Another key insight that relates to all this is that because it works on the micro-scale i.e. the market fluctuations that occur minute-by-minute regardless of market direction, Dan's "The Plan" works great no matter which way the market goes.

As everyone else is trying to "buy the bottom" and "sell the top" (a mythical impossibility) an important element of this strategy-combo is that it goes for tiny incremental fluctuations.

The results are a more resilient, more crash-resistant, more "GREEN". Can I still lose money? YES! But Dan has developed strategies on top of the strategies to minimize losses, and you will learn all of these in "The Plan".

You can keep up with my progress in my YouTube video series:

The Apartment Rental Analogy

The best way to understand these bots is with the apartment rental analogy.

Let's say you bought 3 apartment units, and they were $3k a piece. Shortly after, you got them appraised and you find that they've all dropped in value by 25%.

So here's the question - how much money did you "lose"?

Do the math. If the value drops by 25% each, total value drop = $750 x 3 = $2250

$2250 - BUT ONLY IF YOU SOLD THEM. See, on paper it looks like you've lost, but you really haven't.

You bought these because you were going to rent them out. So let's say tenant 1 pays you $50/day, tenant 2 $40/day and tenant 3 $60/day.

Regardless of the value of the rental properties, tenants still pay us rent every month.

So while the value on paper has dropped 25%, your cashflow per unit = $50/day on average!

So there's two ways we make money with this. One is the value of the coin, if it goes up. But the other aspect is we make cashflow ("rental income"). So the value on paper can go up or down. Cashflow though is what you put in your pocket!

So this is the cool part - regardless of whether the coin goes up or down (within reason) every single day, it puts $50 in your pocket.

Would you really care too much how much the price is? When it constantly spits out $50 bills at you?

It's not theory as you can see from the bot results. I'll let Dan himself explain this rental analogy and apply it to some real bot results.

The Plan

So now it is your turn.

I've invested in crypto using Dan's approach, and so have many many others.

I did it just like everyone else, just like you would - by just replicating what Dan teaches...and the results so far have been fantastic.

Regardless of what Elon Musk tweets or says.

Regardless of whether the currencies themselves are going up or down or sideways.

Regardless of the fact that I don’t have time to watch charts or do any of that stuff.

Yes, this sounds "too good to be true" - that's what every single person says at first. But, the results speak for themselves.

It's not just me, either.

There is a Discord chat full of people who are just crushing and cruising with cryptocurrencies.

Want to know how you can be a part of it too? Then go here

"If you really want to lose money, stick it in your corner bank. 0.5% a YEAR... I now know what a bank robbery looks like!"

Here's the bottomline: Dan has cracked the code on how to increase wealth without making it too complicated or too scary. There’s no one teaching what he's doing (period) and had it not been for a few friends dragging him out of his euphoric undertakings, I don’t think anyone would be teaching the unique combination of concepts, strategies and "set-ups" that he's developed.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, act now before Dan changes his mind :)

This is NOT hard stuff to do (I've been through it and I've done it), and while crypto is categorized as risky, Dan's plan reduces risk significantly as compared to most other approaches. To quote Dan again, if you really want to lose money, stick it in your local bank for 0.5% interest a YEAR...compared to a potential 40% return in just a month with Dan's plan.

Here is a case in point. One of Dan's business partners, Jason Fladlien, implemented The Plan and here's his results compared to his return on his retirment bank account. So on a $1 million in six months, the bank produced $10,852 - in return only, not cash flow. With his bots, in a shorter length of time of 4.5 months, and a much smaller investment of around $60k, produced close to $15k, and this is cashflow into his pocket.

Jason Fladlien's bank account return on $1 million vs bot return on $60k

So if you have money rotting away someplace at .5% or so, like a bank, a CD, or your mattress, grab a wheelbarrow, fill it up and dump it into something that'll go to work for you. THAT'S "THE PLAN"

Dan Holling's The Plan is essentially a whole new world of revenue generation that is largely unknown to the masses. It is one of the greatest life changing financial opportunities that you'll ever come across and there is no better time to jump in than today.

Yes, The Plan kicks butt, it rocks!

In conclusion...

I sincerely hope I have made a good effort in giving you all the information and context so that you can come to an informed decision about whether "The Plan" is right for you.

My honest opinion (yes I am biased) is that at $2500, it is a fraction of what you will be able to generate, so that in no time at all you will make back your investment.

(I certainly paid way more than $2500 for my 1-1 with Dan, and it's still worth it.)

How can I make this claim? Based on my own personal experience (above) and also you can go check out all the testimonials from so many others on Discord and you will see for yourself that The Plan has a proven track record of success, for ordinary people like you and me.

I leave you with this thought. Crypto is poised to be the future, it's coming, whether we are prepared for it or not.

Individuals and institutions are all getting in on the action precisely because they know crypto is the future.

Visionaries like Mark Cuban, Mark Andreessen, Jack Dorsey are all getting into the action.

Big institutions like Citi, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo are also getting in

Do you want to be a part of the action too? If so, The Plan represents the best, safest and most profitable way to get in now.

Do feel free to drop me a line or skype me (marcus.lim.kiam.hui) if you have any questions, whether it is about the course, my experience with it, and any other lingering doubts you may have. You can also post a comment below.

Also feel free to connect after you've signed up so we can share experiences, results etc.

In closing, let me just say that Dan Holling's The Plan is everything it promises and more, and I truly believe it is worth your while to check it out today.

So sign up and I look forward to hearing your own story!

Marcus Lim
Founder of Silver Bullet Publishing LLC, main blog writer.
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