Experience Product Masterclass Review

Create a unique experience to get customers hooked on your information products

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In this review, I will try my best to convey to you the real value of investing in the Experience Product Masterclass by Marisa Murgatroyd.

Those of you reading this will fall into one of two categories — you are already in the information product business, or planning to get into it. Regardless of which you fall into, Marisa’s course will surely be able to help you win for both yourself and your customers.

If you are already selling information products — and this includes courses, coaching, services, consulting programs etc — the Experience Product Masterclass will help you get your customers, students, clients motivated to take massive action in order to generate results to change their lives for the better. This becomes a win-win for both parties. They win because their lives are changed, and you win for helping them get there and get compensated in the process.

If you are planning to jump into the information product space (and you should as the elearning industry is set to approach $325 billion by 2025), then Marisa’s course is the best investment you can make to make your information product stand out from the pack right out of the gate.

To understand how, we first need to understand why people buy information products in the first place. And the first thing to realize is that

It’s Not About the Information

Think about it. Information is free. Nobody wakes up wanting to buy more of it as we’re already drowning in it for crying out loud!

What people really want when they buy information products is the result or outcome that they hope to achieve from the product.

But sadly just 3% of people ever get results from the information products, courses and trainings they purchase.

In other words, the information product industry has a failure rate of 97%! (most people who spend $2000 on a product don’t even manage to get through the product they spend a ton of money on)

What this means for the info product creator is that simply providing information is not enough. If that were the case, everyone with a library card would be rich!

This is the problem that Marisa Murgatroyd set out to solve because she faced the same problem herself as an info product creator. What she came up with is a game changer that will revolutionize the info product creation space in years to come — the experience product. Don’t worry if you don’t know what this is, because few of these actually exist (for the moment). It’s as easy of a product to create as any other product, but the difference is it’s much easier to make money with because of how valuable it will be and how much it’ll help others.

See, in internet marketing there is a tired old cliche that says content is king. While content may hold a place in court, it’s actually experience that is king and if you know the right approach, you can immediately engineer an experiential offering that will beat the pants off of the old, crusty “guru on the mountain” type of products that litter the internet and clog up your inbox.

What is an Experience Product?

In Marisa’s own words,

An experience product is not limited to a course, it can also be 1–1 coaching, consulting, in short, you can ‘experiencify’ anything, and this is a brand new method I developed that takes the secrets of the bestselling apps and games to get customers hooked on taking massive action, getting results and ultimately buying from you again and again.

Pretty cool, isn’t it? In other words, Marisa is essentially taking the gamification idea in the gaming industry and applying it to the information industry. Taking something that works in one industry and applying it to another is always a smart thing to do.

Marisa claims that using this method of “experiencifying” a product or service, she has seen completion rates that go way above the 3% rate, even up to 50% and sometimes way up to 92%! This is totally phenomenal, because imagine what this will mean for you as the product creator...

You will have raving fans who consistently want to refer others to your products! This is the best type of marketing ever — because you never need to lift a finger yourself, because your customers will be doing your marketing for you.

In the words of Zig Ziglar, "Help people get what they want, and they will help you get what you want."

How An Experience Product Works

Think of how games work and what makes them addictive. They almost always have “missions” to complete.

Completing “missions” — even small ones — trigger happy chemicals in the brain. Crossing a finish line feels like winning and we like winning!

But, we can only feel if we won if we have a finish line to cross! How do you know if you’ve won if you don’t know what winning looks and feels like?

Even better than crossing a finish line is crossing one where people are cheering you on and giving you a reward for finishing.

When was the last time you bought an info product or course that had missions to focus on with clear wins and finish lines? It’s hard.

Even high-end online courses like masterclass.com don’t have finish lines! It’s almost like they are designed to make most of their customers fail at them because they create a ‘death spiral’ unknowingly. And this doesn’t matter how good the information is or how much of an expert the course creator is, or how much of a budget they have (masterclass.com certainly has a big budget). It’s because they don’t have missions, finish lines and the future self built in.

This is how experience products are different. They give you missions in order to get quick small wins (micro rewards) at every step of the way so you keep getting motivated to keep going and before you know it, you’ve crossed the finish line.

Sometimes, the difference between success and failure is just one tiny little thing, what Marisa calls the “experience escalation” — the unstoppable momentum that makes your product addictive and virtually compels people across the finish line from mission to mission accomplished.

How Well Does the Experience Product Work?

Marisa has seen it work for her own experience products. She likes to compare one of her traditional info products that sold half a million dollars over five years, to an experience product that sold a million dollars in just one launch!

But what about other people? Here, again, the results are staggering. Page after page of testimonials, totaling over 84 pages of raving testimonials from nearly 1000 students who have applied her experience product method and got incredible results.

Indeed, Marisa is so confident of the method taught in her masterclass, that she is offering a no-risk guarantee. Basically if you go through the program and do the work and don’t make at least $2000, she will make up the difference. Meaning if someone makes $1500 after taking the course and applying the course material, she will give the person $500 back. If someone makes nothing, she will give back $2000. This shows her level of commitment and how invested she is in the success of all her students who go through the experience product masterclass.

The Experience Product Masterclass

Here’s what’s included in the masterclass.

10 Weeks of Instruction

From choosing the right product, creating your own idea to market blueprint, mailing your offer, crafting your product mission statement, your experience escalation plan and more.

Personal Milestone Tracking Documentation

You also get support on your core program milestones in between coaching calls through your personal milestone tracking doc. Simply tag your coach every time you make an update and you’ll get custom feedback within 48 hours.

Done For Your Membership Site

You’ll create your product, but Marisa’s team will actually build in Xperiencify FOR YOU. So if you were worrying about not having enough time to get everything done, or worrying that you’re not technical enough — they got you covered.

Take a look at what this membership site looks like and feels like in the following video.

Personal Coaching

You’ll have someone to answer your questions LIVE for 12 weeks which means that yore never left stuck and frustrated if you hit an obstacle or need clarification on something…and you don’t have to lose momentum.

Xperiencify Software

This is the perfect course delivery platform for Experience Products. It comes complete with all the experiencification you’ve learned during their free training. You get full unlimited usage for 3 months.

Two Tickets To Live Your Message Live

Live Your Message Live picks up where EPM stops, and you’ll get to spend 3 days together with Marisa and her team working on your entire online business. You’ll be joining her in sunny Los Angeles in March of 2021.


In an industry where 97% of customers fail to complete products, programs and courses, it’s clear that it’s time to make a change. And Marisa’s masterclass will show you exactly how to CHANGE the rules of the game… To put the odds BACK in your favor… So that you and your customers can WIN.

Experience Products are the future, and "Experiencifying" your program, coaching offer, or service will let you generate more revenue from fewer people, faster, with greater reliability and certainty.

It is the proven way to turn your products into "viral marketing machines" that literally market themselves because your people LOVE them and want to spread the word!

This is for you if you fit into any of the below:

  • Someone who thinks they have something valuable to share with the world but has trouble figuring out how to get it out
  • Someone who wants to make money
  • Someone who believes the Zig Ziglar quote “you can have everything you want if you help enough others get what they want”
  • Even if you are brand new as long as you have desire and willing to put some simple things into practice
  • You’re a coach or professional who wants to go beyond one to one interactions

Look, it’s still early days for the experience product revolution. This is like if you bought into Apple stock the day it went public. Even if you grabbed only 10 shares at $22 per share, that $220 investment would be worth over $200k today. It pays to be early.

A near billion dollar industry is being reinvented now and here is your chance to get in on the ground floor, and that is the best most opportune time to make money, when you’re riding the initial wave of disruption. (Apple stock example if you owned it when it started.)

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to get people addicted to transforming their lives. Hooked on positive transformation.

YOU can be the one that helps them put down their cell phone and trade Instagram, Candy Crush or Tinder for YOUR life-changing program.

How’s that for a win-win-win?

To take the next steps forward to creating your own blockbuster Experience Product, sign up here.

Marcus Lim
Founder of Silver Bullet Publishing LLC, main blog writer.