Dan Hollings The Plan Review By a Founding Member

Dan Hollings reveals his plan for financial liberation with crypto


Hello! Marcus Lim here, a founding member of Dan Hollings' The Plan, and in this review, I will share with you my personal journey with The Plan as well as my results since joining The Plan from the very beginning.

Recently, I was featured in the official trailer for The Plan, which you can watch below.

You'll notice I was wearing a 'wiggle' T-shirt because 'wiggling' is what The Plan is about :)

You see, in all that time, I've been...

Wiggling My Way To Wealth!

Dan Hollings himself said the same thing in the video:

"I've been doing nothing now for three years and it's brought in millions."

Is that not the definition of true passive income?

So how does it work?

First, a Question: Is crypto too chaotic?

The short answer is yes.

Just one single tweet from Elon Musk and the markets come crashing.

So no doubt about it, crypto is volatile and chaotic.

Which is why most people - even those who are right now bragging about their massive gains are ultimately going to lose money.

You see, most people, in the long term, just can’t win against their own psychology. Be it fear of missing out (FOMO), greed, or something happening in your life (which is very likely over a longer period of time), you’re going to either cash out at the wrong time or jump in at the wrong time.

On the other hand, chaos breeds opportunity.

A disclaimer...

Before we proceed, I want to tell you something. Not because I have to...but also because I have a responsibility to you.

None of this is financial or investment advice.

It is up to you to do your own due diligence and consult with a certified financial advisor or planner.

However, let me tell you this...if you can handle the chaos...and channel it the right way...the opportunity in front of us is huge - bigger than anything we've encountered so far online.

So, how do you deal with the chaos?

You need a plan. Before I get into the details of The Plan and the man behind it, let's dive a bit deeper into the world of crypto.

A (Very Brief) Rant About Crypto

Crypto has had massive adoption rate in recent times as both small and large international companies are adding crypto to their holdings, and some countries like El Salvador are even starting to accept crypto as a legal tender offical payment method.

Even billionaire entrepreneurs like Sir Richard Branson of Virgin announced that his commercial space flight venture will accept bitcoin as payment, describing it as "a new exciting currency."

As an aside, it is fascinating to be living in this particular moment in history, when we are on the cusp of a revolutionary transformation in the way we pay and receive money.

It may not look like it now, but in just a few years, crypto is set to be the future of money in addition to many areas of our lives. We are at the very early stages, so you are in the right place at the right time to be taking advantage of this shift towards a bold new world!

At the same time, I also understand the skepticism and fears of those who say that crypto may get destroyed or banned by the government.

Let's just get this objection out of the way because crypto is too far along for any one government to shut down. There was a time when it was purely a 'toy' asset for the geeks, but mainstream adoption from both companies and countries has pushed crypto to a point where there is no stopping it now.

To give a sense of the size of the market, crypto is a 2 trillion dollar industry.

As mentioned, crypto is currently backed by large corporations from both the financial space and elsewhere - consider this list of corporations who have jumped onto the bandwagon - AT&T, Microsoft, PayPal, Stripe, Overstock, Twitch, Virgin Atlantic, Norwegian Air, NameCheap, Gyft, Etsy, Shopify.

Consider just the king of crypto - Bitcoin - which by itself has a nearly $900 billion valuation.

At nearly $900 billion, Bitcoin is in fact the third largest currency in the world.

As such, if Bitcoin was a company, it would be bigger than Bank of America, Netflix, Disney, Shopify, PayPal, and Coca-Cola.

Indeed, it is already worth more than Bank of America, JP Morgan, and CITI put together.

And we are barely scratching the surface! It's still early days...

One of the most reliable Bitcoin prediction models is the Stock to Flow model by Plan B, a remarkably accurate model which predicts the price of Bitcoin since its introduction in 2009.

The Stock to flow model has accurately predicted the price of Bitcoin since 2009.

According to the chart, Bitcoin price has consistently shown an upward trend and is set to cross $100k by the end of 2021, and will eventually hit $1 million in just a few years!

Sounds crazy? Not that crazy when you consider it was only a few hundred dollars in 2013 (which you can see from the chart).

The astounding thing is that Bitcoin is young relatively speaking. Bitcoin is just over a decade old!

Bitcoin is literally digital gold because it has been experiencing leaps and bounds in terms of growth.

Bitcoin has outperformed other asset classes by 1000% in the past decade.

Indeed, Bitcoin has outperformed every other major asset class in the past decade.

All of this is to make the point that crypto is not a fad that will go away anytime soon. It is here to stay.

Yes, there are some who fear that it may suddenly go to zero or get shut down by governments.

The fact of the matter is that it is highly unlikely that something this big can just suddenly go to zero.

While it is true that governments can and have restricted the use of crypto most notably China (to be fair, crypto is just one of many things restricted in China), it is just as true that governments like El Salvador have embraced Bitcoin enthusiastically and adopted it as legal tender.

Of course, anything is possible, just like anything in life, but it's highly unlikely for Bitcoin to drop to zero.

A good comparision is to think of big stocks like Amazon or Google. Can they suddenly drop to $0.00? Highly unlikely!

Investing always carries risk of course, so just as in any form of investing, only invest what you can afford to lose!

Another common question is where does crypto derive its value from? Who actually controls it?

This is actually the beauty of crypto - there is no one central organization or individual that controls it. It is decentralized, and this means no one controls it.

The millions of individuals who use crypto like you and me are the ones who actually provide the value.

This concept of decentralization takes us to the discussion of the BLOCKCHAIN, which is the infrastructure that drives crypto. It is a ledger that is digital and open to the public, providing true transparency and preventing any possibility of tampering. This is because once an entry is added to the ledger, it is permanent and non reversible. At the same time, it is also distributed amongst multiple computers on the network, adding another layer of security.

As mentioned, this 'decentralization' made possible by the blockchain is the reason why crypto is so unique, in the sense that nobody owns or controls it.

Consider how different this is from the modern stock market exchanges or banks in the world today. All these entities have people behind them, and of course, people have agendas and will often work to manipulate things to suit their agenda.

With a decentralized system, manipulation is not possible. The blockchain is a permanent, unchangeable record for all to see.

Will You Be a Part of The Revolution?

Visionaries see things that we don't. A lot of people fear what they do not understand and therefore resist it. However, consider this, there are a lot of things in life that you don't understand but you don't let it stop you from utilizing it. For instance, you don't need to understand how electricity works to turn on the light, and you certainly don't need to know how the internet really works to use the computer to send email. Crypto is set to revolutionize many aspects of our lives, whether we want it to or not, and whether we understand it or not.

Don't fear it, embrace it. Embrace the future!

Just over 10 years ago, the visionaries knew that we would one day be using smart phones in our everyday lives, but the majority of people could not have imagined it. In the same way, this is what crypto will be like in our future, it will come upon us without warning, unless of course, you are prepared for it. The question is, do you want to part of the action now? Or wait like the masses and miss out on the 'first mover advantage'? Will you be part of what Michael Saylor (MicroStrategy CEO and Bitcoin billionaire) calls "a once in a 1000 year opportunity"?

If so, read on and find out what in my opinion, is the BEST and SAFEST way to get a piece of the action.

With that, let me introduce you to another visionary - Dan Hollings.

Meet Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings has been in the business of teaching people how to make money online for over a decade.

Dan Hollings is an expert trader, marketer, strategist and more

Many people think Dan is one of the top marketers on the planet. Some people point to the $300 million dollar mega-hit movie/book "The Secret" that Dan along with a little help from Oprah helped launch some years ago.

Literally hundreds of thousands have learned marketing from Dan and over 20,000 Amazon sellers have attended his coaching programs.

How did Dan become so skilled at marketing, copywriting, making videos, photoshop, programming, design, music, and so much more?

In his own words,

"I was too cheap to hire help, so I taught myself!"

All kidding aside, Dan really is self taught. He loves to figure things out, make money, then teach others.

He has spent the last couple of years digging deep to crack the crypto code, so that he could not only make a boatload of money for himself, but simplify the process so that he could teach others to replicate his approach and make money too.

It had to be step-by-step, easy, and safe for sure. It needed to require minimal skills (most people are not skilled at trading) and it needed to be at least 80% automated (most people have other things to do).

What he's come up with is a plan - indeed, the plan for financial liberation that is largely unknown to the masses.

The results from early adopters of his plan have been astonishing and life changing, to say the least.

Today there's people from over 100 countries who've joined The Plan by Dan Hollings.

The Plan has members from over 100 countries

But let's backtrack a bit to the beginning of this amazing jorney...

How The Plan Got Started

The story goes that back in early 2017, one of Dan's good friends Tony reached out to Dan to tell him to get into the crypto space. At first, Dan was not interested, however due to Tony's persistence, Dan finally bought a little bit of Bitcoin. Well, after that, Dan was hooked, because the price of Bitcoin kept going up and up.

However, things took a turn for the worse. As quickly as Dan made his Bitoin money, he also lost it all. You see, Dan did not have a clear 'plan' at the time about what he was doing, so he bought into 'FOMO' - fear of missing out - so he was simply buying whatever was 'hot' as the time. Suffice to say, it didn't work out well.

Instead of giving up though, Dan was determined to crack the code on crypto. Dan tried everything that was out there - YouTube gurus, chased moonshots, programmed indicators. But none of these methods resulted in long term sustained results, until one day he stumbled onto something promising, which Dan continued to tinker and experiment in order to turn it into something better and better over time.

Fast forward 3 years and a few million dollars of testing, Dan Hollings' The PLAN was born.

However, you may be surprised to know that Dan had no intention of teaching it to the world.

He was quite content to just relax and let the system produce passive income on autopilot.

But that was when another of Dan's friends Elaine Wilkes reached out to Dan as she wanted to get into crypto herself.

Dan remembered his own horrible experience with crypto and so he tried to talk her out of it. But Elaine wouldn't take no for an answer, and so Dan relented, and started to show her The Plan in action. So she started doing it herself, and amazingly she also started getting amazing results.

Elaine of course, had to tell others about it. One of their mutual friends Daniel Hall learnt about it and so he got on a call with Dan to learn about The Plan. Not long after, Daniel was also doing The Plan himself, and getting great results too.

Word started to spread - it was too good not to! So one by one, members of Dan's inner circle learnt about it and started to get great results from it, and it was so good that they encouraged Dan to share it with more and more people.

Here's Dan and Tony and Elaine, telling the story in their own words:

Eventually, two of Dan's long time business partners - Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos got on board, and before long, they were promoting it through their company Rapid Crush Inc, bringing in early adopters.

That was the point where I came into the story, as I was fortunate to be one of these early adopters.

What follows is a timeline of The Plan - so you can see very clearly where I came into the picture.

The Plan - My Experience

As you can see from the timeline above, my participation in The Plan was back in May of 2021. At the time, Dan was only taking on a very limited number of people for his beta group.

The 1st beta group, I am on top row, second from left

If you read the special wiggle factor PDF report, you will know the price tag that Dan charged per person:

I was one of these 'strangers' who paid $10k

Yes, a whopping $10,000! But, as you will soon see, it turned out to be well worth it.

(And lucky you, you won't be paying anywhere close to this)

I got lots of aha moments during my 1-1 call with Dan, it's like being handed the keys to the kingdom, I remember thinking, "Dan is truly THE MAN with THE PLAN."

My 1-1 call with Dan Hollings went for nearly 2 hours

During the call, Dan gave an overview of the approach, and at the end he helped me set the system up in 'demo' mode, to get a feel for how it works and to let it run on 'dummy' money for a few days before turning it on for real.

It's actually fun, because in demo mode, we get a million bucks to play with :)

In any case, the plan got to work in demo mode, and in just 3 days, it was pumping out profits of close to 10% return!

Demo results

Time to do it for real, I was itching to get started with REAL money. So I hopped on a follow-up call with Dan, and we set it all up for real.

Dan kept emphasizing the importance of just letting the plan do its thing. And that's exactly what I did. I just let it run.

Here's the results after 24 hours...

Results after 24 hours

Results after 1 week - 10% return in 1 week!

Results after 7 days

Results after 2 weeks - 16% return

Results after 14 days

Results after 3 weeks - 20% return

Results after 21 days

What I like about this 'evergreen money machine' is that it makes money minute by minute...

Now you’re thinking… wait a minute, did you say "minute-by-minute?" Does this mean I'm stuck in front of a computer monitor 24 hours a day!? NO!

Dan has automated 90% of "The Plan" so we can enjoy life and spend the money we're making. Isn't THAT what we're all looking for?

It goes back to what Dan said about the thing being more or less set and go.

"But here’s the cool part. You could watch this all play out minute by minute as the automation does all the work -or- you can go live life, do other things and just check-in from time to time."

It's TRUE passive income, not the fake kind where you work 10 hours a day banging your head against the wall.

Another key insight that relates to all this is that because it works on the micro-scale i.e. the market fluctuations that occur minute-by-minute regardless of market direction, Dan's "The Plan" works great no matter which way the market goes.

As everyone else is trying to "buy the bottom" and "sell the top" (a mythical impossibility) an important element of this strategy-combo is that it goes for tiny incremental fluctuations.

The results are a more resilient, more crash-resistant, more "GREEN". Can I still lose money? Yes of course, but you will always lose less money than any other type of trading strategy. In some instances, the bot will actually wiggle out enough profit to offset the drop in value of the coin!

Consider the following example from Dan, where the price of the coin was dropping, yet, in that time, the bot was actually still turning a profit!

This bot made a 53% profit even though the value of the coin dropped 27%!

On top of this, Dan has developed strategies on top of the strategies to minimize losses, and you will learn all of these in "The Plan".

You can keep up with my progress in my YouTube video series:

How Does It Work?

Let's dig a bit deeper. You've seen the amazing results, now let me give you a deeper insight into how the bots actually work.

The best way to understand these bots is to imagine that you are a spider trying to catch a fly wiggling around.

You'd cast a web!

This is what you will be doing, only the web is called a grid consisting of a bunch of lines just like a spider web has a bunch of lines.

With the use of software, we create a grid range. There is a top of the grid range and the bottom. There's a whole bunch of lines, so in the picture below, I am only showing 8 lines but in reality there can be 100 lines or so. This is to increase the likelihood of 'catching' the fly because the bigger our range, the more likely we will.

The software sets up red lines that are open sell orders and whenever the price trips over the red line, the software bot will sell a bit of the crypto. The software also sets up open buy orders and if price trips over one of the green lines, it will buy some of the crypto.

So this constant buy and sell is illustrated below, and you can see each time it happens, we are making tiny profits of 25c. It's a vending machine that keeps on giving! Keep in mind that these transactions can happen thousands of times per day and so the profits add up.

As price wiggles, the bot buys and sells, generating tiny amounts of profit that add up over time.

All you have to do is ... nothing!

Let's look at a real grid from Dan's account. Notice how many red (sell) and green (buy) dots there are, going up and down like Pac Man spitting out profits minute by minute.

The crypto bots are like bubblegum machines wiggling out profits.

Also if you look at the price movement, notice how at one point it dips but the bot is still doing its thing, buying and selling and generating profit as market goes down. While everybody else is running for the hills, Dan's bot is churning away, business as usual.

Dan likens this to a business he used to be in - bublegum machines (pictured above). He would have them in theatres and restaurants. Kids would come in and put in quarters to get the bubblegum. They did pretty well for Dan but he would have to replace the bubble gum, clean the machines, so it was quite a lot of work.

This bot automation crypto method is similar but Dan doesn't need to do the hard work of cleaning and replacing bubblegum, rather he just sits back and lets the bot do all the work! In fact, the profit generated by the bots goes directly into his pocket, so he doesn't even have to go and collect it from the bubblegum machines.

The Apartment Rental Analogy

Here's another intuitive way to understand how these bots work, and this is with the apartment rental analogy.

Let's say you bought 3 apartment units, and they were $3k a piece. Shortly after, you got them appraised and you find that they've all dropped in value by 25%.

So here's the question - how much money did you "lose"?

Do the math. If the value drops by 25% each, total value drop = $750 x 3 = $2250

$2250 - BUT ONLY IF YOU SOLD THEM. See, on paper it looks like you've lost, but you really haven't.

You bought these because you were going to rent them out. So let's say tenant 1 pays you $50/day, tenant 2 $40/day and tenant 3 $60/day.

Regardless of the value of the rental properties, tenants still pay us rent every month.

So while the value on paper has dropped 25%, your cashflow per unit = $50/day on average!

So there's two ways we make money with this. One is the value of the coin, if it goes up. But the other aspect is we make cashflow ("rental income"). So the value on paper can go up or down. Cashflow though is what you put in your pocket!

So this is the cool part - regardless of whether the coin goes up or down (within reason) every single day, it puts $50 in your pocket.

Would you really care too much how much the price is? When it constantly spits out $50 bills at you?

It's not theory as you can see from the bot results. I'll let Dan himself explain this rental analogy and apply it to some real bot results.

What About Saturation?

One common question that always comes up is whether this opportunity will become less effective given the number of people who are already in The Plan with many more coming in month after month.

To answer this question, let's do a thought experiment. Take the number of The Plan students (10,000 as of early 2022), and assume that everyone sets up 10 bots each with a value of $3k. The total investment amount will therefore be 10000 x 10 x 3000 = $300 million. Sounds like a lot, doesn't it? And yet, this is only a tiny drop in the $2 trillion ocean that is Bitcoin alone!

So the conclusion is no, this will never be saturated, it's like dropping a spoonful of sugar into the ocean to somehow make the ocean sweet. It just won't happen! Notice that this is different from other opportunities like selling on Amazon - in that case, sellers do not normally share what they are selling because the marketplace can get saturated if everybody starts selling the same thing. But with bots, members of the The Plan freely share the bots they are running. One could even argue that the more people who run bots, the more volatile it becomes, which means everybody wins!

This is Only Phase 1

At this point, it is important to clarify that what I've been describing so far is only phase 1 of a much bigger plan. As you can see from the timeline above, some of the future phases are already in beta, with even more to come.

But this journey begins here. It starts in phase 1 with bots because bots give you cashflow, and for many people, this is what they need more than future possible money. Once they have that, then it makes sense to open up all of these other worlds in the crypto space.

Start your crypto journey with Dan here in Phase 1 of The Plan.

If you want to extend or expand your knowledge, there will be other courses. Dan will show you all the inside secrets he has figured out. For instance, in phase 2, Dan shows you how to take the profits you've earned from phase 1 and get mega returns on that in the decentralized part of crypto land.

Then in phase 3, Dan shows you how to HODL entire swaths of the crypto space or perhaps your favorite categories e.g. sports, entertainment, music, art, whatever you are into, you can actually hold large segments of these categories using a way he calls 'grand scale rebalancing' which in many cases 10x the regular HODL-ing approach with low risk.

Phase 4 will circle back to bots again. Dan will show you master level strategies that will blow your mind in what he calls grid bot platinum :)

So hopefully you see why the phases are structured the way they are. You start here in phase 1, make profits minute by minute. If you want, take your profits and increase your profits in phase 2 10%, 20%+ doing nothing. Then if you do want to expand your assets in a way that lets you catch every moonshot out there, you can do so in phase 3. Phase 4 shows you even more master level grid strategies. Then if you stay on the bus, Dan will keep going.

Dan has repeatedly said that his goal is to be a tour guide on this bus through the crypto space, to help us focus only on those areas - the 'oasis' - where he has personally found to have the most potential for wealth generation. It's fun, you are going to learn what the future is going to look like in advance, positioning yourself to make mega profits, doing it safely as a community.

What's not to like? But to get going, you first need to...

Get On The Bus

So now it is your turn.

I've invested in crypto using Dan's approach, and so have many many others.

I did it just like everyone else, just like you would - by just replicating what Dan teaches...and the results so far have been fantastic.

Regardless of what Elon Musk tweets or says.

Regardless of whether the currencies themselves are going up or down or sideways.

Regardless of the fact that I don’t have time to watch charts or do any of that stuff.

Yes, this sounds "too good to be true" - that's what every single person says at first. But, the results speak for themselves.

It's not just me, either.

There is a Discord chat full of people who are just crushing and cruising with cryptocurrencies.

Want to know how you can be a part of it too? Then go here

"If you really want to lose money, stick it in your corner bank. 0.5% a YEAR... I now know what a bank robbery looks like!"

Here's the bottomline: Dan has cracked the code on how to increase wealth without making it too complicated or too scary. There’s no one teaching what he's doing (period) and had it not been for a few friends dragging him out of his euphoric undertakings, I don’t think anyone would be teaching the unique combination of concepts, strategies and "set-ups" that he's developed.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by, act now before Dan changes his mind :)

This is NOT hard stuff to do (I've been through it and I've done it), and while crypto is categorized as risky, Dan's plan reduces risk significantly as compared to most other approaches. To quote Dan again, if you really want to lose money, stick it in your local bank for 0.5% interest a YEAR...compared to a potential 40% return in just a month with Dan's plan.

Here is a case in point. One of Dan's business partners, Jason Fladlien, implemented The Plan and here's his results compared to his return on his retirment bank account. So on a $1 million in six months, the bank produced $10,852 - in return only, not cash flow. With his bots, in a shorter length of time of 4.5 months, and a much smaller investment of around $60k, produced close to $15k, and this is cashflow into his pocket.

Jason Fladlien's bank account return on $1 million vs bot return on $60k

So if you have money rotting away someplace at .5% or so, like a bank, a CD, or your mattress, grab a wheelbarrow, fill it up and dump it into something that'll go to work for you. THAT'S "THE PLAN"

Dan Holling's The Plan is essentially a whole new world of revenue generation that is largely unknown to the masses. It is one of the greatest life changing financial opportunities that you'll ever come across and there is no better time to jump in than today.

Yes, The Plan kicks butt, it rocks!

In conclusion...

I sincerely hope I have made a good effort in giving you all the information and context so that you can come to an informed decision about whether "The Plan" is right for you.

My honest opinion (yes I am biased) is that at $2500, it is a fraction of what you will be able to generate, so that in no time at all you will make back your investment.

(I certainly paid way more than $2500 for my 1-1 with Dan, and it's still worth it.)

How can I make this claim? Based on my own personal experience (above) and also you can go check out all the testimonials from so many others on Discord and you will see for yourself that The Plan has a proven track record of success, for ordinary people like you and me.

I leave you with this thought. Crypto is poised to be the future, it's coming, whether we are prepared for it or not.

Individuals and institutions are all getting in on the action precisely because they know crypto is the future.

Visionaries like Mark Cuban, Mark Andreessen, Jack Dorsey are all getting into the action.

Big institutions like Citi, Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo are also getting in

Do you want to be a part of the action too? If so, The Plan represents the best, safest and most profitable way to get in now.

Do feel free to email me at info@silverbulletpublishing.com, skype me on marcus.lim.kiam.hui or live chat with us (send message if we are offline) if you have any questions, whether it is about the course, my experience with it, and any other lingering doubts you may have. You can also post a comment below.

Also feel free to connect after you've signed up so we can share experiences, results etc.

In closing, let me just say that Dan Holling's The Plan is everything it promises and more, and I truly believe it is worth your while to check it out today and get on the crypto bus. With Dan as your tour guide, you are in good hands!

So sign up and I look forward to hearing your own story.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I do this outside the USA?

  • Of course! Generally speaking, geography is a valid concern, but in this case, the whole concept of the blockchain is decentralised, so it works everywhere. By the way, I am in Sydney, Australia.
  • What if I have no experience with crypto?

  • Absolutely, you actually have an advantage because you don't need to unlearn certain things. Most people do one of two things - you either trade or HODL. If you trade, you will lose money. If you HODL, it is better, but it is future money, as you get nothing in the interim. The Plan lets you do both, HODL and also get ongoing revenue minute by minute. If you are new, you are in the right place!
  • How much capital is required?

  • $3000 to get a bot going. It is a tough decision if you only have enough for the course. If so you can start with demo bots. Nothing will give you more urgency to set up real bots with real money than setting up demo bots and seeing the potential profit you can be making.
  • What are additional expenses?

  • Software = $50 a month, then $120 a month for higher level. Really this is it, and the money for each bot. Also tax software if you need it.
  • I only have enough money for the course.

  • Yes. You can still run demo bots. Join now so that you can be ready to deploy real bots as soon as you are able. Psychologically you are more capable than you think.
  • What about taxes?

  • Yes you pay taxes. Few countries have free passes on taxes. Don't let the fear of the boogeyman scare you from getting rich though!
  • What is Jason Fladlien's approach to The Plan?

  • Once a month, Jason sets up new bots. He works out if some bots need to be stopped and restarted with more capital. Then he decides if there's any new bots he wants to start based on Dan's coin recommendations.
  • What if I already have experience with crypto?

  • Congratulations! We will show you options with how you may go ahead with the crypto you already have e.g. HODL your crypto in a better way. Whether you have crypto or not, you still need a good PLAN and this is what we will give you. If you do know lots about crypto, there may be some things to unlearn about approaching crypto. Dan knows this first hand because he has chased all sorts of 'rabbits' into the hole. So learn from Dan, then see if you can merge what Dan teaches with what you know. Dan's approach is so simple you may be surprised, but it works.
  • Isn't crypto volatile?

  • Yes, but volatility is a feature, not a bug in The Plan. When the market goes up and down, that's the best situation to be in. The Plan members have been through crashes and they have all thrived and come out of it stronger than ever.
  • Is The Plan about wealth growth or cashflow?

  • The Plan is the best of both worlds. As you invest in crypto in your bots, not only are you realizing the potential in your value growth of the coin, you are also immediately realizing the cashflow benefit as the bot makes you profit with the wiggle.
  • How do you get better if you do nothing?

  • Over time, you develop an intuition. You can look at a coin and feel good or skip. This comes with experience and exposure. But majority of the time, you do nothing anyway once they are deployed.
  • Can I take profit without closing the bots?

  • Your bot wiggles out profit and takes it out of the active trading grid. You can do whatever you want with it, it is realized profit, not speculative.
  • Do you ever need more than 15 bots?

  • No, Dan found that the compexity of having to manage more than one account is not worth it. You can manage 15 bigger bots instead of increasing the number of bots.
  • Why is the minimum $3k per bot?

  • You can start bots less than $3k but that's not The Plan, so it won't work as well because it doesn't follow the tried and true method that Dan spent years and lots of money testing.
  • The Plan has lower returns than other crypto methods?

  • We are not hunting for 7000% moonshots here. Dan's plan is very conservative, it's not gambling like so many other risky methods out there.
  • I am scared of seeing red!

  • The Plan is much more than just the bots, so there are multiple ways to deal with coins that dip down. Diversity is a big part of it too, and it is always best to have more than one bot running. Also understand that as price drops, we still make money as it goes down, and consider that we will always lose less than everyone else doing traditional trading. Dan also shows how to research good coins that have real world utility. So you put all these together, it is hard to lose money!
  • How long does it take a brand new student to set up the first bot?

  • About 5 hours. 4 hours to learn the material, then 30 minutes to set up.
  • Why start with bots for phase 1?

  • We're starting with cash flow because this is what most people need right now, more money in your pocket. Future wealth accumulation is cool but if you want more money NOW, then this is where it starts.
  • Can I sign up with a friend?

  • Only if you two have a business entity together or you both live in the same house.
  • How do I pick the exchange?

  • Any reputable exchange that is trustworthy with reasonable fees and able to interface with Bitsgap. There are exchanges that only work in certain countries but I promise wherever you are, you can do it. We've documented so many exchanges to cater to everyone's needs.
  • Will I learn how to pick good coin pairs?

  • You will learn how to fish but Dan will also hand you the fish for a while as you continue to practise your own fishing skills.
  • Why are the reviews for Bitsgap so negative?

  • The reality is Dan and many others have been using Bitsgap, Dan himself has personally put through over $5 million through the system. Keep in mind, they don't keep your money, all your money is in the exchange. It's like buying a computer and getting mad that you didn't make any money online. It's just a tool! Just because you don't know how to use it properly, doesn't mean the tool itself is bad. That's why you need Dan to show you how to properly use it.
  • Is this really set and forget?

  • A lot of people eventually realize that the best thing to do is nothing. Jason and Wilson started their bots at the same time but Jason made more money by doing nothing 99% of the time. When in doubt, nothing is the answer more often than not. The more you actively work this, the less money you tend to make.
  • Is there ever a bad time to start a bot?

  • We've run bots during crashes, at the peak etc so not really. The training does talk about timing, but it is optional. This means you will do well just by starting bots, but you can layer in timing if you want to optimize profits.
  • What kind of returns can I expect?

  • The average return across all the early beta students is around 20% per month. The absolute lowest is around 5% a month, which is still very good - nowhere else will you find such a return in today's financial system. 5% per month = 60% a year. So you are making half your money back in a year at worst.
  • What is the time frame to make my money back?

  • Who knows? The fact that some coins wiggle more than others makes this hard to answer. But if each of your 3 bots makes you $50 a day, that's $150 x 365 = more than $50k a year in pure profit! This is all passive income, which is higher than the median income in the US.
  • I am still undecided.

  • At some point you just need to make a leap of faith. You are already putting faith in financial institutions that give you nothing much in return, why not put faith in something that can truly make a difference in your financial future? All you need is a PLAN.
Marcus Lim
Founder of Silver Bullet Publishing LLC, main blog writer.
The Plan is closed for now.