Copy eClass - World Class Copywriting Tutorial

Jason Fladlien reveals how he creates 'near' world class ads in record time

As a quick introduction, my name is Jason Fladlien and I'm the CEO of a little company we started called RCI

Here's the deal, the world's greatest product will have trouble selling if it is not advertised correctly. It saddens me how many excellent life changing products are out there that end up going to the graveyard simply because somebody did not know how to market them correctly.

How do you do that? Good question!

Think about it this way though, the best SEO optimized blogs that get tons of traffic will make nothing if they are not monetized correctly and I am sure there's more than one person on this call where they look at their web stats and say "man I am getting all this traffic, all these visitors every day, how come I am not making any money? Good question. Alright? the money is only in the list you may have heard. Pfui! Not true. The money is knowing how to communicate with your audience. so if your audience is in a list, on the blog, visiting website, social media property.'s the communication with that audience that makes all the difference when it comes to making money.

Now guess what all those things have in common? Something that's normally referred to as copywriting.

Now my definition of copywriting is this - the act of communicating in a fashion that will maximize the profits of whatever you are promoting, whether it's your own products, whether it's promoting as an affiliate, whether it's you writing for somebody promoting for their own products...

whether it's email copy, in-print copy, blog copy, video copy, video scripting, etc., copywriting is the act of communicating in a fashion that will maximize the profits of whatever you are promoting.

So it stands to reason then that copywriting is important to selling your own products right? It's important if you are promoting affiliate products. Regardless of whether you are doing it through email, skype chat, forum, facebook, twitter or whatever, for mobile websites, email, text messages, cold calling, anything to do with conversion where you get someoone who might be interested to actually do some sort of action which results in you making some money, copywriting is important.

So on this webinar, I believe I am uniquely qualified to give you the best copywriting formula on the planet for converting the highest number of prospects and the buyers therefore making you the most money with the trafffic you are getting for yourself and your clients. I believe I am uniquely qualified to give you that formula. The best formula for that, ok?

Probably better than stuff you've bought I will give you free, and I will attempt to do all this in less than 60 minutes of your time. Now in return I am going to ask you a couple of things, one is I want your full attention first of all, we're talking less than 60 min to change your life, I also want us to agree that I am pretty damn good ok, but I cannot teach everything you need to know about this in one hour ok? Can we agree to that?

There's nothing I can do no matter how good I am and I am pretty good - I am one of the best. I cannot do everything needed to teach you in one hour ok? So naturally what I am going to do at the end of this training is make an offer and I am letting you know right now that there will be an offer at the end of the call. Reason #1 - I don't want you to miss it as it is a good one that is not normally available anywhere, so I don't want you to compain later and say HEY i didn't know the opportunity existed so it DOES ok? Reason #2 is I reward people who sign up first simple as that, so I am going to show you where you can go and sign up for this offer and if you are one of the first to sign up you will get the most bonuses. If you sign up later you might get some bonuses, if you sign up too late, you'll get no bonuses.

Now that the agenda is set, I am going to attempt to wow you to prove to you that my offer at the end is going to be incredible by giving you the absolute best free 60 minutes of copywriting you've EVER heard that will blow your mind and is better than what you normally see in paid products. Does that sound good?

Now let me quickly preface what I am going to show you, it's not optional. It is required regardless of what you do. The beautiful thing is that it is evergreen. It's not like google with their panda updates, negative SEO updates. Copywriting is evergreen. It will exist and is the most universally applicable thing whether you are selling online, offline, inline, out of line, above the line, below the line, what line? and every single internet millionaire I know is amazing at this skill so...

BUCKLE UP. You're about to learn the best copywriting formula that Internet Marketing legend Marlon Sanders has declared as the best copywriting lesson at any price.

If you understand this formula, guess what you can do with it.

For example, about 2 hours at most can easily pay for a month's payment on this bad boy. In fact when you get really good at it, it's less, we're talking minutes not hours. Minutes of copywriting can easily pay for my Saturn Sky, one of the bad boys that I drive.

A handful of more minutes would cover this 67 mustang! (I got the modern and the classic.)

A couple more minutes would take care of the home I live in, brand new home.

So if you commit to this formula that I am about to show you and really make it your goal to master it, you can get paid at least $1000 an hour working for clients and that's absolutely true, that's no hype. I've made as much as $5k/hr.

You can even make more than that over the lifetime selling your own products so not writing for clients but writing for yourself. You can catapult the value of your blogs, fan pages, affiliate sites etc.

And transform thoughts basically into cash anytime you wish!

IF YOU COMMIT, not simply just listening, but commit to using this formula.

Now if a former rapping monk can do it, that's me on the right, i am pretty sure it's not too much for you to consider doing it yourself so...

Here's the first step in the formula...

Step #1 - Research

Here's the Jason Fladlien positioning on research - 20 minutes or less. Never spend more than 20 min doing the research before you write the sales letter. If you take longer than this, you are not doing it right. Here's all you need to know when it comes to research

  • what are 3 main fears that your target audience experiences?
  • What are 3 main benefits that they desperately desire?
  • What is the ideal mind picture solution? In other words,what do they see themselves when they fantasize doing as a result of having the solution that you are promising?

That's all you need to know!

Notice I didn't say the 3 top fears or the 3 top benefits. You don't have to get this perfect. Far from it, you just have to get 3 of the main fears that keep them awake at night, 3 of the main benefits that they would oh so love to have and you have to get an idea of what they typically fantasize about once they have the solution that you're going to promise when you sell them somthing. That's the first step. Now you might ask me where do I go to find this stuff? Here's some of the places i look.

  • Other people's sales letters. It's one of the easiest and quickest places
  • Scan forums quickly. I don't spend too much time, I just get an idea of what people are saying
  • If something I have is also on Amazon, I look at the 5 star reviews, and also the one star reviews.

I don't care where you look, whatever you do, you sit down, set a 20 min timer and you go to town. When 20 minutes are up, you are done.

See it doesn't really matter if you don't exactly pick the biggest best, most applicable fears and benefits.

NO it doesn't.

The idea is speed TRUMPS everything.

The beautiful stuff about writing copy online is it's free. We're not talking about buying a print ad that runs 3 months from now in a magazine or buying a newspaper ad that is going to run next week, or sending out a thousand postcards. Copywriting on the internet is free. So we don't need to get it perfect, we just need to get it close because speed trumps everything.

So 20 min is the deadline we set on the research. When we're done, we go with what we got.

Now I want you to compare that actually. If you've listened to copywriting gurus in the past, or people who teach you how to sell stuff, what's their position on research? Typically this is what you will hear:

Research is the most important, critical process, it's the hardest, the most time consuming, the one you must get right cause if you mess it up, then nothing else matters.

Heard something like that before? I'm telling you it's not true. That's old school thinking. They're taking an old school thing and trying to apply it to a new medium. Doesn't work on the internet. We just try somthing, find out what happens, and just change it if it didn't work for us. Simple as that!

Step #2 - The Offer

So the first thing I do is to say ok who am I going after, what are some of their fears, benefits, and what's kind of the 'mind picture' that they are having. Now it's time to put together the offer. This is the most important part in the process. You can skip every other step besides this one. And actually it's a misnomer that people call this 'copywriting'. I like to call it copy OFFERING cause writing is so so insignificant compared to the offer. The actual writing, if you get the offer right, you can write like a 3 year old child and you would still do very well.

Your offer is 80% of your success. Writing is at most only 10%. So if you're a good writer, cool! Doesn't really matter. If you're a bad writer, cool! Doesn't really matter.

Let me make a great case in point when it comes to the offer being critical to copywriting success. It's a 1979 Pontiac station wagon with the wood paneling on the side. What a beauty right? This is what my dad and I drove to school in everyday my senior year in high school. I graduated in 2001, I'm about 18 years old, and everyday my dad comes by, he picks me up in this 1979 pontiac station wagon and we putt putt to school, I go there at this time such a shy introverted nerd. I'm too sacred to even get my license. This is what I'm stuck with. This 1979 Pontiac station wagon, putt putting to my school, hanging out with my dad.

If I crafted the greatest sales pitch in the world...I mean I wrote this so beautiful it shimmered when you read it. And you got shivers as you read the beautiful prose that I created, it reminds you of Mark Twain or some other literary author...and it blew your mind at how well worded, how compelling I put forward the benefits of this vehicle etc. and I built up this great wonderful pitch on this 1979 Pointiac station wagon with the wood panelling on the sides...and then I made the offer to own it, for just 3 easy installments of $100,000 spaced 30 days apart.

If you're sane, I'm assuming you wouldn't take that. Is that a reasonable assumption? Yes, I don't care how good the copy was cause the offer sucked.

Now on the flip side, if I said something like this...hey you know this 67 mustang, it doesn't have power steering, it doesn't have power brakes, it's a 3 speed so if you don't know how to drive a manual transmission, it's gonna be hard for you to learn and, reverse is normally where first is in a modern transmission you know...and it's old too, 67? almost as old as my mum? So I don't really want this. I really dont think you'd want it. So you can have it for $1000, and I'll even throw in a Saturn sky as a bonus if you act today.

Now think about that type of pitch. I mean I pitched that as bad as possible. I didn't talk about any benefits. Talked about all the negative aspects. Said you probably don't even want this, are you sure? I wouldn't buy this if I were you but I guess if you insist, maybe I can offer this to you for this, both of these cars for $1k and you don't want this, do you?

The answer is, you'd say... Why I sure do!

You'd snap it up in a heartbeat!

You'd ask, what other deals you got like this out there? That's how important the offer is. You can see how writing or pitching doesn't really matter if the offer is that incredible.

The deal is most people don't know how to structure offers to make them as irresistible as possible. They have no system for it. So therefore they can't teach it to you. I have a system, my philosophy in business is anything worth doing is worth systemetizing, and irresistible offers are way up on the top for systemetizing so I have a system and therefore I can teach you the system very quickly and you can immediately benefit from it.

So here is my system, I call it the IOS = The Irresistible Offer System.

An offer basically consists of 3 parts - what the audience gets, what they pay, what they risk both in getting it and not getting it.

So what do they get?

I urge you to come up with your own, this is what I did when I first started that made a lot of difference. I went around, spent some time, and I said ok what are the different types of formats that people present products in. ebooks, videos, webinars. I came up with a list. What I call the master list. And now when I formulate an offer, or I look for offers to promote as an affiliate, I just scan this list. Here's what I'm looking for - what formats have the highest perception of value to present this offer in, and also what are the easiest and fastest to create. So there's lots of instances where i can take something and massage it and maybe in half an hour, to increase the perception of value by putting it into a couple of different formats so that when I write the copy it's a slam dunk it's so easy to sell it because I've just increased the perception of value through the roof which was a half hour effort before I sat down and wrote the copy. Make sense? So this is a big part of what they get.

I'll give you a quick example. Webinar Pitch Secrets. I wrote this ebook, just an ebook, no bonuses, nothing. one stupid little measly ebook. sold it for $17. Actually became the bestselling ebook ever on webinar pitching so...I struck a nerve. I said wow, I didn't expect this thing to sell that well cause frankly I just put it out there so I could make a couple grand. Didn't realize it was going to become a blockbuster so I spotted the opportunity and said, ok, let's go back to that.

So we took basically the same information but reformatted it in a new format with live webinar trainings and we sold it for $197 and we sold a boatload of them. How hard do you think it was to create that product and pitch it? Pretty much the same pitch, just a different format.

Now check this out, we took virtually the same information and transplanted it with a couple new bonuses into a live workshop in Vegas and we sold out for $5000 a head. Pretty much the same information, there was a little bit of tweaking in the pitch but the pitch was pretty much the same and we took something that we initially sold for $17 and with the right format and the right presentation of the offer, once we realized it was incredible, we got it up from $17 to $5000! Notice this has nothing to do with writing or scripting or speaking. This is all strategy before you even write one word of the copy.

It's all about packaging, positioning and pitching!

This is what I call the Abe Lincoln approach. Honest Abe has been said to come up with this quote -

If I had 10 hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first 8 hours sharpening the axe.

Most people who attempt to write copy whether it's on sales letters, emails, blogs, FB whatever, they're trying to chop down a tree with the dullest axe. Impossible! They're focusing on the wrong stuff.

Focus on the OFFER.

Never start on a sales script until you are crystal clear on the offer. What they get is the product plus bonuses

Typically I like to offer 3 bonuses that fit the following criteria -

  • Something they want but probably wouldn't pay money for
  • Something time limited and scarce by nature, so it gives that sense of urgency that the consumer must buy now
  • Something that is sexy to the eye, so that if they are scanning and not reading, it will leap up and make them go ooohh check me out.

Once I nail down the product and bonuses, then i have to position the price. This is what you always want to do with the cost of whatever you are selling, it should always be a bargain but never cheap.

Do you know the key distinction?

BARGAIN = I know I am getting this for far less than I should be paying for.

CHEAP = The reason it is so inexpensive is because it is of inferior quality.

So you must position it as a bargain, think of the little sly appeal, people would think, oohhh, i got to get this now. cause i'm getting such a good price on something I shouldn't be and I know it won't stay this way forever.

So typically the way I do this with bargain stacking is a 3 step process -

  1. dollars at a discount
  2. time as money
  3. intangibles

I explain to them that basically whatever they invest, is going to come back to them in terms of making more money or saving more money than the initial investment. You can do this in internet marketing, you can do this in basket weaving, cat juggling, any niche!

Secondly, I explain to them how even if they didn't save that money, just the time they save if they tried to figure it themselves, as time is money.

Finally, intangibles. You can't put a price on this. What's the price of your child's safety? You cannot put a price on this!

So when I reveal the price, I explain dollars at a discount, time as money, intangibles, 3 step process, use it every single time and every single salesletter I can bang out, create this feeling of getting a bargain effortlessly, but be also effective. That's the formula.

Final part of the offer is risk reduction. Why there is MORE risk in not signing up than there is in signing up for it. We typically minimize that risk by a guarantee. We can never get them to risk nothing because they will risk some time, is it worth them achieving a solution they so desperately desire? And the answer is ABSOLUTELY. So I'll say you risk more in not signing up today because what is going to happen if you let this pass you by and not work on the issue? It's gonna get worse, however if you sign up today, I want you to know your money's completely safe and here's why.

For any reason or no reason at all within 30 days of your investment today, if you are unsatisfied, let me know, and I will quietly and promptly return every penny of your purchase back to you and you can go here if you need this. I use this same guarantee structure for every guarantee i make with little modification, that's it!

Question - can you see if we just did THAT, if we just opened up the sales copy and say HEY here's what you get, present it in the best format possible, then we say HEY here's the bonuses, HEY here's the price and why it's such a good deal, and hey, here's what you risk. If we did just that ONE step, you can see we've already got pretty damn good copy. I broke that down to you so succinctly that you can immediately walk away and act on it. So when are you going to act on this step?

As fast as humanly possible! Liking this so far?

Step #3 - Proof

Anybody can make a claim, but can you make a claim believable? For that you need proof. Let's stop a second and attempt to read the mind of at least a portion of the audience. I'm assuming somebody listening right now is thinking something like this - But Jason! I don't have any proof! Pfui! You do. First of all, if you don't have any, assuming this is even possible, well then work with clients who have proof. Problem solved.

Secondly you do have proof and here is the best proof - insight. Better than a million screenshots, better than a hundred testimonials...

If you can come across knowing MORE about the problems your audience faces more than they themselves know...then they naturally believe in you enough to take the buying leap. Why? the conclusion they form in their mind is this - "If he/she knows this much about the problem then he/she HAS to know at least that much about the solution!"

How do you do that? Clarity! Just give it away. In music they give away the best song, what you do is you give away a nice little tidbit of information directly in the medium you are using to pitch your product. You say HEY if you are experiencing this, I am going to give you something right now that you can use to immediately give you some relief even if it is small. Just do this right now as you read this letter / watch this video and you will immediately get some relief from one of your problems. Then say if you did that, you can see how powerful what i just told you, imagine what else is waiting for you! The really good stuff is behind this add to cart button. Now, how many people do this? So few people do this, yet it is the best proof in the world!

Now the reality is most of your audience, they won't actually do what you tell them, but in their mind, they'll be thinking, wow! if i actually did that, it would work. This person gave me something right up front so quickly, I am impressed! and so I will take that buying leap! Yes there's other proof you can use and we do discuss it in the copy eclass, but that's your most powerful type of proof.

Step #4 - Story

This is the only optional step in the process. Sometimes I use it and sometimes I don't.

In the past, I thought the story was the thread that tied all your other elements together i.e. proof, offer, insights from research.

Now I know better. Story is basically process of discovery. If it is interesting how you discovered the solution, use it. Regardess you should tell story in a few paragraphs. Story is basically this is how you discovered the solution, why you created the product, how you've benefitted from it and how the people you are sending it to can also benefit from it. That's all there is to story! It has a nice little incentive for people to not only read but respond and only takes a couple minutes. So if you do have a cool story that follows this criteria, use it, otherwise skip it.

Step #5 - Bullet Points

You absolutely need to know how to write bullet points. 99% of your sales letters should include them. The reason is they are the best way to communicate powerful selling points at a glance that both excite and intrigue your audience.

Each bullet point is blind + benefit.

Blind means you tell result but they need to buy to know how. Benefit = how can i make their life better knowing this.

Use these 2 techniques - very specific or contradictive.

Check this out, a mediocre copywriter woudld write this - "How to double your productivity overnight"

Not a good bullet point at all.

World class is this - "How a 10 word sentence from a 1958 economist article instantly doubles my productivity overnight"

See the difference? The first one is meh. I've heard that a million times. the second one, no one has ever heard of it ever! It is immediately interesting because it is new.

It teases the hell out of the reader - what is the sentence?? It also increases believability because it is so specific. It has to be true because look how specific it is. That is a powerful bullet point!

Another one, contradictive.

Mediocore - "A simple trick to triple your profits on Facebook"

World class - "How to triple your profits on Facebook by giving stuff away instead of trying to sell it... (it's obvious once you see it!)"

So, either promise very specific info related to a benefit, or contradictive, which is like huh, makes them go huh I thought the opposite was true, but I guess I might be wrong and I need to buy this product to figure it out.

Step #6 - Scarcity

Ideally everything that you use should have some element of scarcity attached to it. Not always possible but preferable. this will make your conversions ok to great. Just to give an idea, these are 3 things I use scarcity on -

  1. Price - either going to go up, or removed so they can't jump in
  2. Bonus - act before this time or goes away
  3. Intangibles - scarce things, like if you don't buy this fire alarm today, and fire happens in your house tomorrow, how are you going to live with yourself after that? Work those in so people have sense of urgency and feel that every day they don't have it, they are at risk.

Step #7 - Hook

Interestingly, up to this point we haven't even talked about headlines. Yes, usually the headline should be the last thing you consider even though it's one of the most important things to get attention, we deal with it last. We come up with the headline based on the hook. Just like the hook reels in the fish, a hook reels in your audience to stop everything else they are doing and focus on what you put in front of them. Typically the hooks i use are -

  • Instant gratification - people like stuff that will give them quick results fast. they would rather get ok result in minutes than the best result in days. we figure out ways to present information that can achieve instant gratification where it normally takes people a long time to get that result. Can you give them something instantly that most people can't?
  • Contradictive - can you present information to them that contradicts conventional wisdom? if so they will read on cause they say huh. i've been following this and could it be wrong? gotta take a look and find out.
  • News breaking - information today that just came out that changes everything. can you use that as a hook to pull people in?
  • combination of above.

We can then turn the hook into a headline!

Step #8 - The Lead

As important as the headline.

It's the few paragraphs of the copy that's going to make people either stay or leave. Very critical. 3 techniques you can use, the one I use by default is expanding on headline - typically I promise even more, then I say it is going to be worth their time to continue consuming the message, and then I leave an open loop, this is what separates decent copy from world class copy. I say hey, and start in on a thought, but before we go any further, you need to know this. What it does is it makes them want resolution, it isn't quite finished yet. classic technique, you see this in movies all the time.

Step #9 - Puzzle piece.

After you write headline and the lead, these are elements you can pick from - proof, story, offer, bullet points, bonuses, inject scarcity, guarantee, close. What order do you put them in? Doesn't really matter! Randomly pick and piece them together. Start with proof, then story if you have one then in the order above. Or you could start with guarantee on the offer you're about to make. Doesn't really matter. What I do is set a timer for 5 minutes. Ask what seems to make the most sense for presenting these information pieces. After 5 minutes, if you don't know, then just randomly put them together, simple as that!

Is It Really So Simple?

So, is copy really that simple if you get this? Could you bang out world class copy, whether in print, spoken, video, whatever, with this formula? Is it that simple if you master this? Absolutely. Here's the best part - while it will start off conscious at first, it will very quickly become unconscious, meaning i can now explain everything to you in my head. I can formulate in my head every step of the process and organize them and know exactly how I am going to present them so I can sit down and create some of the best copy that you've ever seen that converts at the highest rate in less than an hour. That's the best part and you can get there too, but not right away.

The worst part? There's a severe problem with everything that's been discussed today. And I want to address this problem briefly to you if you said at any point MAYBE. Maybe with this skill making money online becomes so much easier. Maybe there's something here. MAYBE this is the key distinction between success and failure.

The chief problem is this -

Bridging the gap between new information and implementation. This is a huge gap. From what you just learnt today, the new information presented, to actually implement it. How can we reduce that gap?

Well there's a lot going against you. Psychologists say in 48 hours, you'll already have forgotten almost everything I taught you today. And you'll forget half of what you thought as a result of what I showed you today... give a couple weeks, you probably won't even remember being on this call, just like you won't remember what you had for breakfast 2 weeks ago. Exactly what mum said - one ear in, one ear out.

Well you say hang on, I took notes. That is admirable, but let's be honest with each other...i'm guessing somewhere, you got that place....home, office, attic, the trunk of an old car...somewhere there's a place called the notes' graveyard...where all your notes go to die. That's where all the notes from this webinar will go. So who's fooling who?

Bridging the gap between new information and implementation. we can't do this with one simple webinar. you need more than that.

You need ongoing mentoring, tools, accountability to make sure you stick with it. Resources that normally are not available to you. You need me in your ear and watching over you for the next six weeks with my tools and my resources and my network if you are truly going to benefit from what we talked about today.

So here's the offer. I want to work with you for six live sessions to turn you into a world class copywriter.

By world class copywriter, I mean someone who can write high earnings per visitor, sales letters, videos and email copy 100x faster than the average person. It's not just enough they make more money with the words they use, they have to do it 100x faster. THAT's my definition of world class. We will do this with 6 group coaching sessions live and if you can't attend them live, you can always catch the archives in the members' area, and I'm going to turn you into a world class copywriter.

Now I've done this with TONS of people. Here's just a small small sample...

So every time we do this, this class has been a smashing success, which is why I can make the following guarantee -

Attend all 6 live coaching sessions from start to finish, write one sales letter with my formula, and if you honestly don't feel like your skills have significantly improved...

contact me. not only will i refund your money back...but i will send you $1000 extra for the time you put in, that's my BETTER than money back guarantee.

and of course for any reason or no reason at all within 30 days of the first session, if you want your money back you can have it....

you risk nothing and you gain everything when u say yes today...

So how much is the investment? now i am giving you a million dollar education cause these techniques have made for me more than 1 mil for everything i've sold and they've made millions for the clients I've taught this to. So $2k investment on your part will be a fantastic deal. But it's not $2k. It's just $997 and this is an unbelievable deal considering I haven't even talked about bonuses yet.

Actually...$997 is what the public pays. If you go through the special link that I am about to show you and you get in in time, you can get in for $497, that's a $500 saving. So the special link is a one time payment of $497. A fantastic bargain, and I am going to make it even better by throwing in some bonuses.

So here they are.

And this is what you can expect over the 6 sessions.

Session 1: Research and Offers

  • Master list of 18 formats
  • 3 step 3 minute bargain positioning technique
  • golden guarantee

Session 2: Proof and Scarcity

  • clarity technique for the only REAL proof you need
  • the master list of scarcity
  • Triple scarcity fusion technique

Session 3: Bullet Points

  • The live bullet point writing challenge
  • My throw and keep bullet writing process
  • The modular adaptation technique

Session 4: Hook, Headline, Lead

  • Consult my 5 hooks masterlist
  • Adapt 1 to become your headline
  • Use the this, that and the third to create the lead paragraph
  • Open loops explained

Session 5: Video Sales Copy

  • Everything you need to know about selling via video
  • The split test we performed with video that tripled our conversion on a $297 product
  • How to one take every script ever

Session 6: Advanced Secrets

  • NLP style copywriting
  • The 7 weaknesses of the human psyche and how experts in persuasion exploit them (and how you can use them ethically)
  • when it's not the copy but the design
  • the pandora's box

All sessions are recorded, archived for future reference and available forever.

Plus when you graduate you get a diploma I will pin for you!

Remember, you're protected by two guarantees.

Finally, let me conclude by telling you a couple things. Copywriters are in demand and will always be in demand. So if you need to make money, there's always a long line of people who'd happily pay you to do this skill for them. Even if you never want to write for anybody else, you still need to use the skill. Cause it is going to be useful for anything you do online whether to sell your own stuff or affiliate stuff. All you risk today when signing up is a couple hours of your time to try this out and see if it makes sense and is right for you. That's all I am asking.

So here's your two choices as we wind this down.

Your first choice is NOT to go to that URL and not sign up. Continue to do what you have always done. I got one question, how's that working?

Probably not very good. So you can do that and expect to get the same result you've always got which for most people is not acceptable.


you can try something new. And I'm presenting to you something new that you have not been exposed to. I know you're going to love it, but I don't know for sure. All I am asking for is a fair shot. Just try it out, you know how to contact us.

Every second you delay signing up, is another second farther behind you fall about mastering this vital skill that is required. Every day you delay is another day you fall behind in mastering this. So it kills you two different ways! So there's no excuse, you have to sign up, go to that url, sign up. Get in, go through the content and we can build some wonderful businesses together.

I wish you the best of success, thanks for being part of the training today and I will speak with you again shortly.

Jason Fladlien
CEO of Rapid Crush INC.